Weekly digest - 2018.52

Weekly digest - 2018.52

During this week I looked back on what happened this year and I decided to pick my top 3 news from each month. Here are my picks.


  1. Bitcoin bubble burst,
  2. Meltdown and Spectre discovered,
  3. EA became scared of YouTubers.


  1. SpaceX launched Falcon Heavy into space,
  2. Elon Musk started selling not a Flamethrowers,
  3. Apple started selling HomePods.


  1. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal,
  2. Apple fixed buggy iPhone X ad before fixing the actual iOS 11 bug,
  3. Current frequency deviations in Central Europe.


  1. Mark Zuckerberg testified before members of Congress,
  2. SpaceX reached the promised land of launching every two weeks,
  3. GTA V has become the most profitable entertainment product of all time.


  1. Google Duplex has been announced,
  2. GDPR has become effective,
  3. Premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story.


  1. Microsoft bought GitHub,
  2. Apple held WWDC,
  3. Apple Pay became available in Poland.


  1. Apple updated MacBook Pros,
  2. New MacBook Pros fixed keyboard but overheats,
  3. Clone Wars TV series has been renewed.


  1. Apple became first IT company to be worth 1 trillion dollars,
  2. Twitter limited access to the APIs,
  3. CD Project released first gameplay of the Cyberpunk 2077.


  1. Apple unveiled iPhone XS, XR and Apple Watch 4,
  2. Google was celebrating its 20th birthday,
  3. iOS 12 and macOS Mojave has been released.


  1. LucasFilm shared details about first Star Wars tv series - The Mandalorian,
  2. Apple shoved new iPad Pro,
  3. Google unveiled Pixel 3, a tablet and HomeHub.


  1. Disney announced new streaming service - Disney+,
  2. Stan Lee has passed away,
  3. Robert Kubica returned to F1.


  1. Microsoft announced that it's working on a new browser,
  2. YouTube Rewind 2018 became the most disliked video on YouTube,
  3. Google’s Home Alone ad.

That's all folks. This was an incredible year. I hope next year will be event better.
Happy New year guys and see you soon!

Image credits: Annie Spratt.

Weekly digest - 2018.50

Weekly digest - 2018.50

This week, YouTube Rewind 2018 became the most disliked video on YouTube. After really good 2012 and 2013 editions, which celebrated the best moments on Youtube, rewind became a platform for "pleasing" advertisers.
It is fascinating to see, how YouTube still tries to appeal as perfect platform. Instead of focusing on most impactful moments of 2018, even if those moments are full of dramas or controversy, they try to sell YouTube as a happy place where nothing wrong happens. To be honest, this approach doesn't surprise me as we already saw, YouTubers better understand the platform than YouTube itself.
I really want next versions of rewinds to focus on trends and most popular videos/events from the platform. I would also love to see only couple of YouTubers doing something that is related with their work on Youtube, instead of current dances with dozens of people.

As nothing else happened this week, here is the list of interesting things:

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Image credits: YouTube.