Weekly Digest - 2021.14

Legion Phone Duel 2

Lenovo announced new version of their gaming phone - Legion Phone Duel 2. As most of the smartphones are really similar, this phone is completely different:

  • Snapdragon 888 processor,
  • up to 18GB of RAM,
  • up to 512GB of storage,
  • a pop-up selfie camera designed for streamers, that is on the side of the phone,
  • 2 USB-C ports, both of with fast charging,
  • 2 batteries,
  • 2 cooling fans,
  • huge fan-bump on the back of the phone.

LG stops making mobile phones

LG decided to stop designing and manufacturing mobiles. Company justifies this decision with "incredibly competitive mobile phone sector"  and plans to focus on other areas like manufacturing parts for electric cars, making smart home devices or robotics. It is worth noting that LG is not completely done with mobile phones as it still supplies phone parts to other phone manufactures, e.g. Apple.

Image credits: Lenovo

Weekly Digest - 2021.13

WWDC 2021

Apple announced WWDC 2021. The conference will take place June 7 to 11. Like last year, this will be an online event. What's interesting each animated avatar promoting a conference has glasses. This prompt a lot of speculations about Apple Glasses or AR/VR Headset announcement during the conference. I personally doubt it, and I believe the avatars have glasses just to show a conference date, but who knows, maybe Apple is teasing us.

Crew Dragon with a nice view

It's not a secret that SpaceX is counting on a space tourism. Relaying on government contracts is a one thing, but space tourism is also a very lucrative business. Especially when you can limit the cost of such expedition. SpaceX has not only made rocket launches affordable, but now they are offering an unforgettable experience, for future space tourists by adding a glass dome on Crew Dragon for 360 views of space.

Hey Google car

Fiat and Google collaborated and made a special version of a Fiat 500.  The car has not only Google's branding but also deep integration with Google Assistant. It will allow users to monitor and control the car through the phone or Google Nest Hub.

Users will be able to check  fuel level, lock status, switch on emergency lights, or find the closest Fiat service station. System can also alert the owner if the car exceeds a certain speed or leaves a certain geographic area.

Image credits: Apple

Weekly Digest - 2021.12

macOS turns 20

20 years ago Apple introduced the Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah. It was, in someways, a limited operating system. But back then, it was just a foundation for things that came later. Apple based MacOS X  on UNIX, which later became a foundation for iOS and the rest is the history. With Cheetah Apple also introduced the classic Aqua interface. Aqua evolved throughout a years, especially in Mac OS 10.5 and recently in Big Sur, but the core functionality remained the same.  And that shows you how good the Cheetah was back then. Last year Apple introduced macOS 11, which will bring us to the new era of the macOS family.

Microsoft buys Discord?

The are rumors that Microsoft plans to buy an online communicator Discord. The accusation is supposedly valued more than $10 billion. This is interesting move from Microsoft because they already have Skype and Teams.  Since last year, Microsoft heavily invested in the latter, where the Skype felt behind. The question is whether Microsoft is going to invest into Discord or will it slowly die because of lack of any development?

Visual overhaul of Windows

Microsoft started refreshing the UI of the Windows. They started with the icons.

This is a first part of the Sun Valley project, that is going to rejuvenate Windows.

Spotify refreshed

Spotify released a new versions of the app for Desktop and the Web. The update brings a new UI that is more consistent and fell more native. Apple should take notes, because their Music app is really bad.

Image credits: Wikipedia

Weekly Digest - 2021.11

Apple rumors

This week was full of mac related rumors. Let's start from Apple Silicon iMac. A developer has discovered an unreleased ARM-based iMac in an Xcode crash log for his macOS app. That means, the new iMacs are coming soon.

Next is iPad. The new iPad Pros should be released in April. The new tablets are a continuation of current lineup, with a few new features:

  • A mini-LED display (at least in 12.9-inch version),
  • A14X processor, similar to M1 silicon,
  • Thunderbolt connection,
  • and of course better cameras.

Xcode attacked!

Security researchers discovered a trojan, called XcodeSpy, which compromises Developers’ Macs with a trojanized Xcode project. Once activate, malware has access to microphone, camera, keyboard, and also can upload/download files.

What's even worse, it is super easy to get affected by this trojan. All you have to do is download and build infected Xcode project. The project contains obfuscated script that is added as a one of built steps of the project. So be careful when you running 3rd-party projects on your machines.

Image credits: Johannes Plenio

Weekly Digest - 2021.10

Apple's Mixed Reality headset

According to rumors, the upcoming Apple's AR/VR headset will have:

  • 15 cameras,
  • micro-OLED display,
  • weight of 200-300 grams.

The headset might be released in 2022 for ~$1000, where the Apple Glasses might come in 2025.

AirPods 3 leaked?

The photos of the upcoming AirPods have been posted on Twitter. They look like AirPods Pro but without the tips. This would align with rumors merging two designs together.

If those photos are real, it means the AirPods 3 are coming soon. Maybe even this month, during March Apple event.

Image credits: Waldemar Brandt