Weekly digest - 2018.47

Weekly digest - 2018.47

I know this blog is mostly about IT stuff, but this week the most important news for me was Robert Kubica's comeback as a F1 driver.
Some compares his comeback to a fairy-tale, or a story of from Hollywood movie, but for me it is an example of unprecedented will of fight, which together with hard work broke all the barriers.
I'm very keen to see what he is capable of doing as he will get a chance to drive regularly and and just the car and his driving style.
Of course Williams' car is not capable of fighting for championship, but maybe the they will be able to fight in the mid-field.
If we add to this, the fact how close the top three teams are to each other,
the 2019 season looks like it will be exciting.

Now, going back to usual stuff. As in the IT world nothing excited happened, I've only prepared short list of more interesting headlines:

Here is the list of interesting things.

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Image credits: Williams F1.