Weekly digest - 2019.18

F8 2019 Conference

Last year's Facebook conference was shadowed by the Cambridge Analysis scandal. This year company told us that it is "focusing" on privacy. I'm not going to comment this, and I move on to other topic.

First of all the website will be completely redesigned.  It's about time to do so. Right now the site feels old and inconvenient. I only hope that Facebook will not force more "recommendation" algorithms. I know what I want to follow and in what order. So I would appreciate if Facebook stoped filtering the content for me.

Second thing are new versions of the Messenger. Beside size and speed optimisations it will have end-to-end encryption. Also, we will get the desktop versions for Windows and Mac.

From other news, Facebook said that it going to extend the dating features with secret crush. And Oculus Quest and Rift S will be released on May 21st.

Peter Mayhew passed away

Peter Mayhew, the original actor who portrayed Chewbacca in Star Wars, has died at the age of 74 on the evening of April 30.

This is a really sad news, yet another actor from original cast is gone ☹️

MacBook Pro Keyboard Failures

On Reddit, user named cli3x posted and interesting analysis of the MacBook keyboards failures. Long story short, it looks like the design of the butterfly switches is faulted and non of the upgrades Apple did, during last year and a half, are going to solve keyboard issues. This fragment sums this up perfectly:

Macbook owners, please beware. Always have AppleCare, even if paying extra to cover a flaw that should be properly dealt with is morally questionable and a shitty thing to do.

Firefox's "armagadd-on"

On Saturday, almost all Firefox's extensions stopped working.  It turned out that the signing certificate has expired. It took Firefox's team couple of hours to pinpoint and fix the issue. In a meanwhile, the workaround was to disable add-ons' certification validation.

Lesson from this incident is clear, always check when your certificates are about to expire and set a reminder in your calendar.

Image credits: Facebook

How to add Open in VS Code option to Finder

I know "true" developers only use the terminal 🤪, but sometimes using Finder is more convenient. I use Finder most of the time, and I always missed the option to open selected directory in Visual Studio Code. Recently I open folders in VSCode quite often and lack of ability to do that from the Finder became quite annoying.

I did a little research to see how can I add this feature myself. And it turned out it is really simple.

1. Open Automator

You can do this by either:

  • searching Automator  in the Spotlight  CMD + Space or
  • opening it directly from ~/Applications/Automator.app.

2. Select Quick Action template

3. Get Selected Files/Folders from Finder

The first step it to figure out what files or folders are currently selected in Finder. We can achieve that using the Get Specified Finder Items action in our workflow:

  1. Select Files & Folders group from the library,
  2. Find the  Get Specified Finder Items action,
  3. Drag and drop this action to the workflow.

4. Open selected items in VSCode

The last step is to open those files in the VSCode. We can do this with Open Finder Items action:

  1. Select Files & Folders group from the library,
  2. Find the  Open Finder Items action,
  3. Drag and drop this action to the workflow, below the Get Specified Finder Items action,
  4. In the Open Finder Items action, there is open with option.  Just select the VSCode.

5. Save the action

Save the action under clear and meaningful name like Open in VSCode. The name is important as it will be displayed in Finder!

6. Use it

Once the action is saved, it should be automatically added to Finder's Services list. You can access it by right-clicking on a file or folder:

That's all. It took less than 5 minutes to make my, and hopefully yours, life easier.