Weekly digest - 2018.12

Weekly digest - 2018.12

This week was mostly about Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. Long story short, Cambridge had copies of private data for about 50 million Facebook users. Cambridge supposed to delete that data in 2015. What is even more interesting the Cambridge Analytica was involved in Donald Trump's presidential campaign which could influence the outcome of presidential election.
One thing is sure, Facebook will have to explain why Cambridge Analytica still had access to users data and how much Facebook actually care about user privacy.

On the bright side, the GDC 2018 took place. It is mostly about sessions, but we got a few cool technical demonstrations like Real-Time Ray Tracing Star Wars Demo or digital human performances from Siren and Andy Serkins.

Also Apple fixed buggy iPhone X ad before fixing the actual iOS 11 bug. This perfectly shows current mindset of Apple - lets fix the glitch in the ad instead of actual bug.

And finally, here is the list of interesting articles.

Designing Windows 95’s User Interface
This is really interesting paper about how Windows 95 user interface evolved and came to life. I must admit i felt nostalgic after reading it.

The most powerful tips to help you get a remote job
If you are a remote worker or you want to become one then this article is for you.

A complete introduction to Apollo, the GraphQL toolkit
GraphQL is getting more and more popular. And it looks like, it is just the matter of time that it will become more popular than REST. This article explains the basics, so if you never used GraphQL or Apollo before, you should check this out.

iOS Subscriptions are Hard
Jacob explains how to properly implement subscription mechanism in iOS app.

How to make a poster for Avengers: Infinity War in HTML and CSS
This is tutorial explains how to create cool looking website using just HTML and CSS.

The secret world of NSTimer
Nice explanation of inner workings of NSTimer.

Image credits: Facebook.