Weekly digest - 2018.09

Weekly digest - 2018.09

This week beside GitHub surviving the biggest DDOS attack ever recorded was mostly boring.
From interesting news the Kronos Group announced that Vulcan will be supported by macOS iOS. They also released the set of SDKs, libraries and tools that will be used by developer to create Vulcan compatible apps/games on Apple platforms.

And traditionally, here is the list of interesting things.

Why I Quit Google to Work for Myself
Michael Lynch explains why he left Google. This is not another rant about evil corporation. This is about what happens in big companies where management takes over common sense. Unfortunately many of us can relate with him so, if you are felling you are only the meaningless tool within big organization, maybe it is time to start thinking about new job.

I Wanna Go Fast: Why Searching Through 500M Pwned Passwords Is So Quick
Troy explains how he implement and optimize searching in huge database of leaked password.

Dropbox saved almost $75 million over two years by building its own tech infrastructure
While every one is migrating from on premise infrastructure to the cloud, Dropbox is doing quite the opposite. And it looks like it was a right move for them.

GDPR – A practical guide for developers
GDPR is coming. Here is a guide how to approach it from engineering point of view.

$750 Ciri Of Cintra Statue On The Way From Prime 1 Studio
It is expensive, but beautiful.

Image credits: GitHub.