Weekly Digest - 2021.20

Google I/O 2021

This week we had the Google I/O conference and here are the biggest announcements.

Android 12

The newest version of the Android got a redesign and now with Material You allows to customize the color scheme of the phone. If you don't feel like an artist, Android has you covered and will automatically adjust colors based on your wallpaper. Beside design, Google also added features to control and monitor privacy.


Google's Workspace will get more tools making online collaboration easier. One of them is ability to start a meeting right from Google Doc, Sheet and Slide.


Lamda is a new Language processing AI. Its main goal is to help understand natural language and conversations. I have to admin, the demo, although prerecorded, was super impressive.


Another futuristic project is Starline. This technology recreates, in a real time, a 3D model of a person across from you. The main goal is  to recreate the feeling of having a face-to-face conversation.

Animated photos from still shots

Google Photos will be able to create an animated photo based on two still photos. The result will be the same as we have with live photos on iOS, but with Google solution we will be able to make animated version after the fact using the AI.

Password Manager

Password manager built into Android and Chrome will allow to change password on a website right from the manager.

Skin conditions

Google announce a new tool to monitor and check conditions that only require a phone with a camera. The tool should be available later this year.

Weekly Digest - 2021.01

Microsoft plans to replace Outlook with new Universal Client

According to Windows Central, Microsoft plans to replace all the current versions of Outlook with one, web based, universal client. This new client - codename Monarch - is based on the Outlook Web app already available available in a browser today. There is no information when the actual switch might happen.

10th years of the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store launched exactly 10 years ago, on January 6, 2011. Although it is the easiest way to install an app on the Mac, it never gained the popularity. The 30% Apple tax and not clear app review rules caused that many developers never sold their apps through the AppStore or even abandoned the AppStore.

Hopefully the new and lower Apple Tax for small businesses and upcoming investigations regarding Apple's monopoly will make the AppStore a better place for developers.

Google workers plans to unionize

A group of Google workers plan to unionize. The Alphabet Workers Union will be available to all employees and contractors that work for Google's companies. So far about 400 workers joined the union out over 130K people working for Google. The union might be small, but it is determined to solve the issues that has been reveled in recent months.

Image credits: Microsoft