Weekly digest - 2018.07

Weekly digest - 2018.07

This week Apple released its new product - HomePod. It is a smartspeaker and costs 350$. Is it worth it? Well, it is hard to say because it is not available in Poland, but you can check out what others think here or here.

Staying on Apple related news. It looks like Apple is going to focus on bugs instead of adding new features to iOS 12. If those rumors are true, I can say only one thing - finally, Steven Sinofsky explained why.

Last week Falcon Heavy launch made a lot of fuss in the media. Thanks to this launch people starts to understand why SpaceX is doing thing the way it does.

And here is the list of interesting articles I stumble upon this week.

12 best practices for user account, authorization and password management
User authorization is hard. From this article you will learn how to do it properly so your users passwords doesn't leak.

30+ great UI Kits for iOS engineers
Lisa compiled a list of over 30 UI Kits for designers. This is a must read for every one who is doing mobile app desings.

3D engine entirely made of MS Excel formulae: Enjoy this Doom.xls file!
Someone wrote Doom like game engine in MS Excel because why not. Defenetly worth checking out.

Image credits: Apple.