Weekly Digest - 2020.02

Weekly Digest - 2020.02

Cool tech at CES 2020

As always, the second week of January is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) week. I'm not going to cover in much details what has been shown, people on the site can do much better job. Instead, I've created a list of the most interesting gadgets & thing shown at CES 2020.

Mobile, portable & wearable devices



TVs & Monitors

Headphones & speakers

Smart home devices

Cars & Vehicles

Weekly digest - 2019.43

Weekly digest - 2019.43

MacBook Pro 16' imminent release?

According to DigiTimes new 16-inch MacBook Pro could be released by the end of October. At the moment, there is no information about any Apple's event, so people are speculating whether Apple is going to just release new laptop model together with Mac Pro.

It looks like the rumors about imminent release might be true. In the latest beta of the macOS 10.15.1, people found images of the 16-inch MacBook. New model looks to be slightly bigger than 15-inch predecessor, and has noticeably smaller screen bezel.

Image credits: MacGeneration

Weekly digest - 2018.02

Weekly digest - 2018.02

Second week of January is traditionally the CES week. As always, they were multiple hardware announcements and presentations. You can check what's new watching coverages from Marques Brownlee here and here, or Linus Tech Tips.

The CES is not the only thing that happened this week. Here is the list of cool things I stumbled upon.

MPC Blade Runner 2049 VFX breakdown
This is how young Rachael was brought to life in Blade Runner 2049. It is astonishing to see how technology advanced during just couple of months. Tarkin, in Rogue One, was remarkable technological achievement, but he was not perfect. Here I cannot tell the difference between Sean Young and hers computer counterpart.

Xcode hardware performance
Ash Furrow compiled the list with Xcode's performance on various macs. It already has the statistics for newest iMac Pro. What's disappointing, the new powerful hardware doesn't make fresh build times noticeably faster. The improvements are only for incremental builds.

I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site.
David Gilbertson explains how hackers can create bogus NPM package and use it to steal information without us knowing. This is reminder that we should always verify our 3rd party dependencies!

SpaceX launched Falcon 9 with Zuma satellite
Once again Space X launched its Falcon 9 rocket and landed it at Landing Zone 1. This was 21st successful landing of the first-stage of the rocket. Unfortunately they are rumors that the entire mission wasn't that successful. The Zuma satellite failed to reach the orbit and was lost. The mission was a secret, so we will not know, at least not in the near future, what really happened.

Zuma mission start
John Kraus captured this photo of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket with Zuma satellite. If you like this photo, you should check out his website.

Image credits: John Kraus.