Weekly digest - 2019.51

Weekly digest - 2019.51

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

When Disney bought Lucasfilm I was really excited. Especially after seeing what they've done with Marvel franchise. In MCU every movie has its own plot, but ultimately it is a step forward into bigger, more important, story. Unfortunately the last Star Wars movies felt random. They lack of greater vision. It is especially visible with The Last Jedi. That movie is so much different from the rest of the saga, that JJ Abrams had to sacrifice a part of the Rise of the Skywalker to fix the wrongs of its predecessor. It is clearly visible by the incredible pace of the movie and some, still unanswered, plot holes.

Beside that, I enjoyed the Episode 9, and I think it is very good conclusion of the Skywalker Saga. It's not perfect, but it gives a closure to the story that started over 42 years ago.

The Witcher

Netflix has released the first season of The Witcher. And I really liked it, especially the role of Geralt. It looks like Henry Cavill  was born to play him.

I was a little worried about putting Yennefer and Ciri as the main characters so early in the story, but in the end I really liked it.

The only thing I didn't like, was mixing the events from the past with the current ones. There was no clear distinction between them. Past events felt like they were happening today, and in the end they are a little bit confusing.  

Overall, the first season of The Witcher is very good, and I can't wait for the next one.

Weekly digest - 2019.10

Weekly digest - 2019.10

This week I didn't have time to prepare the news part, so I've only gathered the list of interesting things.

Polish Powerhouse

The Origins of CD Projekt Red

How The Witcher Took Over The World

Creating Cyberpunk 2077

Safely supporting new versions of Swift

Dependency Injection in Swift with Protocols

Emoji in SQL - SELECT 🗣 FROM 👤

Vue + TypeScript Cookbook

Famous Laws Of Software Development

The Growth Stacks of 2019

My Descent Into YouTube Addiction

PCjs Machines

Weekly digest - 2019.06

Weekly digest - 2019.06

As nothing worth mentioning happened this week, beside Samsung launching Tinder for fridges, here is just the list of interesting things.

Finding Lena, the Patron Saint of JPEGs

Vue 2.6 released

How I do Vue in 2019: TypeScript and TSX

How to Use Mock Data in Vue Apps

Life of a SQL query

Dear web developers: set the font color, too

Apple’s New iPad Pro Ads Were Shot and Made Entirely on the iPad Pro

Apple Is Fighting a Good Fight Against Facebook and Google

Good Engineering Practices while Working Solo

Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company

NES games painted & updated

Here is an example of old graphics on CRT, vs. modern emulation. On the CRT they look more detailed as your brain fills in the blurred gaps

One year ago today: SpaceX launched Falcon Heavy

Weekly digest - 2018.31

Weekly digest - 2018.31

This week Apple became first IT company to be worth 1 trillion dollars.
This happened after the jump in Apple's stock after reports of strong Q3 earnings that surpass both Apple's projections and analysts' estimates.
Lets face it, Apple only passed psychological barrier, there is no difference between company worth 999B and 1T dollars. In both cases this is unrealistic amount of money. But it is amazing to see how company that 20 years ago was on the verge of bankruptcy now is most valuable company in the world.
Also, it looks like Apple won't be there alone, because Amazon is on the verge of passing the 1 trillion mark. Which is not a surprise, for last couple of weeks, we saw a lot of news considering both Apple and Amazon to be first company to break 1 trillion barrier.

And here is list of interesting links.

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