Weekly digest - 2018.08

Weekly digest - 2018.08

Last week of February was calm and I would say uneventful.
SpaceX successfully launched another Falcon 9. This time they also tried to
tried to recover the payload fairings. The recovery attempt was unfortunately unsuccessful. The fairings fall to the ocean a few hundred meters from the recovery boat. Nevertheless, it is impressive how SpaceX is trying to reuse as many rocket parts as possible.

Also it looks like the script for Star Wars Episode IX is finished.

And there you have the list of interesting things that I stumble upon this week.

New features of Bootstrap 4
Bootstrap 4 had its release last by the end of January. This article presents what is new and what changed since version 3.

What is a JSON Web Token?
Rob explains what is a JSON Web Token and we use it to handle authentication. This is in depth analysis and if you are doing anything related to user authentication this is must read!

Record and share your terminal sessions
This app allows to record and share the terminal sessions.

Flavors of Engineering Management
The management role in software project is quite controversial. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it's just a pain in the ass. In this article, Benjamin tries to look at this role from different perspectives by distinguishing 3 "flavors" of this role.
If you have issues with a management in your project, maybe you need manager of a different "flavor".

Image credits: Lucasfilm.