Weekly Digest - 2021.13

Weekly Digest - 2021.13

WWDC 2021

Apple announced WWDC 2021. The conference will take place June 7 to 11. Like last year, this will be an online event. What's interesting each animated avatar promoting a conference has glasses. This prompt a lot of speculations about Apple Glasses or AR/VR Headset announcement during the conference. I personally doubt it, and I believe the avatars have glasses just to show a conference date, but who knows, maybe Apple is teasing us.

Crew Dragon with a nice view

It's not a secret that SpaceX is counting on a space tourism. Relaying on government contracts is a one thing, but space tourism is also a very lucrative business. Especially when you can limit the cost of such expedition. SpaceX has not only made rocket launches affordable, but now they are offering an unforgettable experience, for future space tourists by adding a glass dome on Crew Dragon for 360 views of space.

Hey Google car

Fiat and Google collaborated and made a special version of a Fiat 500.  The car has not only Google's branding but also deep integration with Google Assistant. It will allow users to monitor and control the car through the phone or Google Nest Hub.

Users will be able to check  fuel level, lock status, switch on emergency lights, or find the closest Fiat service station. System can also alert the owner if the car exceeds a certain speed or leaves a certain geographic area.

Image credits: Apple