Weekly digest - 2018.35

Weekly digest - 2018.35

This week CD Project Red publish 48-minutes long walkthrough of the Cyberpunk 2077.
I have to admit that after E3 trailer I was a little bit skeptical. The world seemed to be too bright, clean and sterile for cyberpunk world. I was expecting dark, brutal world. Now, after watching the walkthrough I know I was wrong. This game look phenomenal. CD Project took their on spin on cyberpunk genre and it works great. It looks like the trailer showed us only a glimpse of the "civilized" world, where the rest, that we could see in the walkthrough, is shady and dark. And what is more important, the world looks natural and alive.
The other concern I had was the RPG aspect of the game. Gameplay proves that we'll get not only multiple storyline options that probably affects entire game, but also a lot of options to customize your character. The way how we customize the character significantly affects the way we can solve the quest and our character's combat abilities.
Speaking of combat. I was really interested to see how company that for over 10 years was making a "sword simulator" switches to guns. And boy, it is incredible. Reds know what they doing.
They also know how to phase the storyline. I know we saw only the main quest, but one step led to another. And it didn't feel that I'm wasting time wandering around just to increase the gameplay hours.
Overall, the game looks phenomenal and if CD Project keeps this level of quality across entire game, we will not only get great game but maybe even one of the best games ever.
I know, you probably thinking that I'm to exited. Let's face it, all we have is early gameplay and a lot of things can change. But looking at CD Project's records of delivering high quality products, I'm quite confident this game will be awesome.

This it is. Finally, here is list of interesting things.

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Image credits: CD Project Red.